We get to the hostel, drop our bags & head to the streets, it's 2 am. The smells of the street immediately assault the senses.  The air is thick with the fragrance of sweating bodies, cooking food, rotting garbage, & sewage waste.  
My hunger for this adventure is at last being feed. And my past life, that American reality is fading into yesterday. It is being replaced by a sense of awe & excitement that only a new experience can inspire.  I'm in this moment & this moment is all I want.  The air is dense, it's still hot at this hour. It takes me half block to stop my shallow breathing and inhale deeply. Pull into my lungs the garbage, food, booze, smog & humanness that is Bangkok. The journey has just begun!


At Cargo we just love seeing seeing what our customers do with the house parts that we collect from all over the world - here are a selection of wonderful teak from Indonesia. 

Max played second base. Built for baseball: a little short. His skin dark from the summer sun. Cap down low over a dusty, brown forehead. The coach nicknamed him Mr. Reliable, he was always upbeat and dependable. All eyes were on this ballpark sign once, too. Maybe it was a long hot day and the shadows grew long. A dog stole chicken bones from the picnic blanket when no one was looking and a boy like Max made a base hit to win the game. - Michaela

I am a collector.  I started my first collection at the age of four when I found a teddy bear on the sidewalk.  I have been looking for treasures on sidewalks, roads, paths or any trail that would lead to an object that would make my heart skip a beat or two since.  What I have ended up with is a collection of random and odd objects.  It is though I have created my own language and story of my life with these objects.   They don't necessarily go together except somewhere I knew they belong with me.  My house is random and full.  It is crazy and right.  I love my collections.  - Patty